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Published works by Alexis M. Romo.

What Remains Of My Heart

Her third collection, "What Remains Of My Heart," explores what it means to be someone who is truly hopeless when it comes to love. Exploring the feelings and emotions that come with the highs and lows of love, Alexis takes her own experiences and vulnerably puts them onto the page (2021).


The Maze to my Heart

"The Maze To My Heart" is Alexis M. Romo's second poetry and prose chapbook, illustrating her struggle to love someone who loved her the way she always desired after a painful but inevitable heartbreak (2019).


The Bad, The Awful, The Shitty

"The Bad, The Awful, The Shitty" tells a tale of unrequited love and heartbreak, with those shining and smiling moments, all the doubts and hopes, and ultimately its crushing, agonizing, and inevitable end (2018).

“The Bad, The Awful, The Shitty” 🥀💔 My debut chapbook, two years in the making.jpg

Other Publications

Anthology of stories, poetry, and prose, speaking about social justice issues (2021). 

Foreword written in Neithan Levi's debut poetry and prose collection. 

The America Library of Poetry's student poetry anthology (2014).

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